Organic and Inorganic Pigments for Permanent Makeup

Iron oxide base pigments, also known as inorganic, are used in the manufacture of all of our eyebrow and eyeliner pigments and in some of the lip color pigments. Organic base pigments are brighter and more vibrant in color compared to an iron oxide base. Attempting to achieve vibrant lip colors such as red and orange with iron oxide colorant is impossible. Organic lip colors will generally settle and fade to approximately 25% to 70% lighter than the initial implanted pigment.

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  • Tuscany – Eyebrow Pigment

    Tuscany is a iron oxide base and is used to achieve a medium to dark warm base eyebrow. The orange undertones will assist in building a warm base when tattooed on cool ash skin tones. It is darker than Dark Walnut but lighter then Black Pumpkin. Adding a couple drops of Blue Brow/Eyeliner Harmonizer to eliminate risks of healed in blue procedures is always a safe bet. Although this formulation has some warmth in it, it is only less cool and is still dark.

  • Velvet Red – Lip Pigment

    Velvet Red is an organic base pigment and has always maintained its color for everyone. Its orange/yellow undertone is a tried and true color when all else fails. Velvet Red maintains a natural enhancement of lip color.

  • Volcanic

    The perfect brown for improving cooler healed colors. Use to soften the ashiness of a healed brown. Perfect for correcting grey blue brows on brunettes.

  • Whisper Blonde – Eyebrow Pigment

    Whisper Blonde is the lightest of all the eyebrow colors. It is an iron oxide base and is tattooed into skin tones that are warm, red/orange, (peaches & cream) skin tones. The ash base of Whisper Blonde will give the balance of enough of color to shape and define brows on such delicate skin tones. It is lighter than Honey Brown and Taupe.

  • White Eyeliner – Eyeliner Pigment

    White Eyeliner is a titanium dioxide base. Tattooing white eyeliner on an upper eyeliner is generally performed on Hispanic and Mediterranean woman. Black eyeliner, using Midnight Brown/Black, Black Pumpkin or Black Pearl is first tattooed close to the lash line and then, when healed, white eyeliner is tattooed just above and close to the black.

    It is important to note that white fades to peach over time, and is very hard to remove if the client changes her mind.


Showing 97–102 of 102 items