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Showing all 3 items

  • Deluxe Tanning Business

    Add More Sales Revenue with this Deluxe Tanning System where you can tan clients as often as you want. Earn this Investment back with 50 Spray Tans.


  • Easy Portable Tanning Business

    Add Additional Profit to your business that is Simple and Affordable.  Get started with this Travel System that allows you to set up wherever you want to go.  Tan a few people at a time with this lightweight Travel System. The Average cost of a tan to your business is $3.00 and you can charge $20+ and up depending on where you live.  Application time is 5 minutes. Earn this investment back with 30 Spray Tans.

  • Tanning Bungalow Extraction Booth

    Maintain a clean, mist-free tanning environment with this quiet, 2-piece overspray filtration system. Specifically designed for salons and spas, our extraction booth is designed with a simple foot pedal on/off switch and wide panels to allow for easy use. Simple to setup with washable filters, and contemporarily designed to enhance your clients’ experience as well as your staff.


Showing all 3 items