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Showing all 4 items

  • Deluxe Tanning Business

    Add More Sales Revenue with this Deluxe Tanning System where you can tan clients as often as you want. Earn this Investment back with 50 Spray Tans.


  • Easy Portable Tanning Business

    Add Additional Profit to your business that is Simple and Affordable.  Get started with this Travel System that allows you to set up wherever you want to go.  Tan a few people at a time with this lightweight Travel System. The Average cost of a tan to your business is $3.00 and you can charge $20+ and up depending on where you live.  Application time is 5 minutes. Earn this investment back with 30 Spray Tans.

  • Moorea Moisturizer Shea Butter Lotion

    The island of Moorea naturally produces tropical extracts geared to firm, hydrate and cleanse the skin. Enriched with nourishing Tiare Flower (Monoi de Tahiti) and Coconut, this blend of native ingredients captures the pure essence of the South Seas. Creamy, Organic Shea Butter creates a lightweight, non-greasy texture leaving your skin feeling healthy, relaxed and ultra-smooth. Citrus scent. Size: 10 oz.

    Recommended for: Clients that spray tan frequently or have dry skin. This product is a ‘must have’ that contains Shea butter to hydrate the skin. 100% natural, citrus scent.

    Directions: Apply liberally to the body immediately after showering with South Seas Bikini Island Body Wash. Can be used daily.

  • Shade SPF 30 Sport Lotion

    Shade SPF 30 is a lightweight, breathable skin protectant developed to preserve your sunless tan. Skin supporting vitamins A, C, & E blend with refreshing Aloe Vera leaving your skin with a silky, sheer finish.


Showing all 4 items