Tanning Bungalow Extraction Booth

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Maintain a clean, mist-free tanning environment with this quiet, 2-piece overspray filtration system. Specifically designed for salons and spas, our extraction booth is designed with a simple foot pedal on/off switch and wide panels to allow for easy use. Simple to setup with washable filters, and contemporarily designed to enhance your clients’ experience as well as your staff.



WEIGHT 75 lbs
Four Fan Power – Each of the two extraction towers are powered by two fans, (four fans in total), so the tower has uniform extraction from head to toe. While over-spray settles and most of it will be removed by the lower fans, the additional extraction capacity at the top of the unit keeps the air especially clean in the facial area — important for your clients maximum comfort and to minimize spray inhalation.

Contemporary Design – The booth has clean lines, an convenient black matte finish on the side “wings” and a complimenting black filtration grill. The unit has a slim profile but fits especially good in corner configurations.

3 Stage WASHABLE filter – Avoid the expensive hidden cost of replacement filters with this washable filter. Replacement filter cost can quickly turn a reasonable equipment investment into an unsustainable one. Plus, replacement filters for over-spray equipment tend to be nonstandard size and difficult to source. The washable filters in this system contain three filter layers for thorough air cleaning – safeguarding the health and comfort of both client and salon personnel.

Easy Foot Pedal On/Off Switch – You control this unit with convenient no hands operation! The foot petal can be placed just where you want it with the long power cord. Just tap the pedal and the system is up and running. Tap again and its off. It doesn’t get simpler than that!

Modular 2 piece construction – The modular two piece construction makes for manageable handling and assembly. The system is held together by simple latches, knob-ed thumb screws, and a few Phillips head screws. So, a Phillips head screwdriver is the only tool you will need to assemble the system.

Floor Mat – The large, oversize floor mat is of two layer construction. The flexible vinyl backing is impervious to moisture and will protect your floors from spray tanning exposure. The upper layer is a deep pile looped synthetic that will allow over-spray to penetrate rather than pool — keeping your clients feet clean. When it’s time to clean the mat simply hose it down and the loop construction will quickly release spray tan residue.

Power: 300W (75W each motors,4 pieces)
Air flow:3000m3/h
Measurement: 3 1/2 ft x 2 ft x 6 ft
Gross weight:35.00kgs
Net weight:32KGS
Noise Level:40dB
Filter:3 layers of washable

Additional information

Weight70 oz
Dimensions40 × 24 × 40 in


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